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In Search Engine Optimization work we SEO consultants got assistance from SEO Tools that make web optimization tasks lot more easy. Here are some common SEO gears we use to save time and energy in SEO practices

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This learning material is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide and would help a lot to SEO beginners in enhancing their website optimization skills.

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Comprehensive SEO CheckList for 2019
Most Valued Ranking Factors by Search Engine

The No. 1 decisive factor: Is user query being fulfilled by the Content?
Experience of User is better than competitors or not.
Authoritative and Quality backlinks to the page
Outgoing links to valued sources
Broken links
Content of Site and Author reputation
Speed of the loading page
Mobile friendliness score
What Exactly Quality Content as per Google is?

Here is a big catch: Google prefers those pages that are purely developed and designed to help users.

Content Satisfying User Query 100% = Quality Content

Google defined content quality with PQ.“The purpose of the Page Quality (PQ) rating is to evaluate how well the page achieves its purpose–the reason why that page was created.”

“Websites and pages should be created to help users. Websites and pages that are created with intent to harm users, deceive users, or make money with no attempt to help users, should receive the Lowest PQ rating.”

Everything is in the hand of user and Google Search Engine can easily measure UX with the help of PQ.


Supplementary Content like helping user to easily navigate other parts of site, like menu etc to further get relevant information is such example of Ux that is valued by SE after the quality of the main content. Beat your competitors in this round if you want to rank higher.

Link Building

Building link to our sites is main off page SEO activity in history.Is it still good ranking factor ? Yes it is when purpose of the link is to increase value to the “expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness” of your site or page.

Page Load Speeds

Please don’t be among slowest 20% of webpages, Google will hit you hard. Improve load times of your site pages.


SSL has gain much importance in Google Ranking factor due to its direct impact on User Experience (UX).As Google has started showing warnings to users for sites that don’t have an SSL, No matter sites process financial transactions or not.

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